If you're looking for the perfect engagement band, take a second look at Carizza solitaire engagement rings. This iconic style is simple, clean, and elegant, giving it an enduring popularity. It is important to choose a quality engagement ring so you know it will last. In the same way you want to consider several things when you’re choosing a specific diamond as well. To ensure you get exactly what you like, ask questions and let us help you find the perfect Carizza solitaire engagement ring for you. Quality jewelry depends on what overall effect you're looking for, but all diamonds are graded by the Four Cs. From most to least visible, these are color, cut, carat, and clarity.

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Color and cut are what you'll probably notice first. Diamonds are known worldwide for a brilliant white shine, but there are other shades available. For instance, who could forget the intense blue Hope Diamond as worn by Elizabeth Taylor? Other options include chocolate, purple, golden hues, pink, and in rare cases red diamonds.

Cut is another very important factor that affects what the stone looks like, how it is mounted, and the way it reflects light. The most popular choice for solitaire engagement rings is the balanced and brilliant round cut. However, you can also find other cuts including marquise, emerald, and cushion. Each cut is gorgeous in its own way so you should see how marvelous each one looks.

The final two Cs are carat and clarity. Carat is the weight and size of the diamond. The higher the carat, the larger and more expensive that stone will be. Clarity refers to the number of tiny occlusions or flaws in the naturally formed stone. All natural diamonds have these to some extent but most flaws are not visible to the naked eye.

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