Diamond Buying Near me

Diamond buying can be quite involved if you are wanting to purchase an exceptional gem, so learning as much as you can about the different aspects as to what goes into making that diamond outstanding is well worth the time involved before spending a large amount of money and being sure to get what that money should expect to have included.

Following are a few of the tips that you should be aware of:

Diamond Color

Jewelry retailers have FTC guidelines that state that any clarity or color grade must be within one grade of what the appraisal is by a qualified independent appraiser. A reputable jeweler will give you the “real” story, but there are ways to make diamonds appear better such as special lighting towards blue that will make a yellow diamond seem whiter. Take the diamond outside of the showroom area to standard office lighting, a window, a skylight, or into the direct sunlight. You can also tell the jeweler that you want to compare it to his Master Set for Diamond Color Grading so you can see where it fits on the GIA color spectrum.

Diamond Cut Quality

A diamond that is deeply cut has more of its carat weight in the depth of the diamond opposed to the width. Poorly cut diamonds are less expensive per carat than good or fair cuts, are able to be sold at a lower price, cost less to carry in inventory, and are therefore more popular and more available in many stores.

* See the GIA Grading Report once you have chosen the diamond. Know that a GIA certified diamond has been graded at an independent GIA facility by GIA technicians who have issued the Report. Do not accept a Grading Report that has just been certified by a GIA trained gemologist because that means that the diamond has just been graded by an employee who has been GIA trained and may not be in strict accordance with the GIA standards.

Warranties And Guarantees

Be sure to see the written guarantee or warranty and read it carefully to make sure of what it covers in addition to standard inspections and cleanings that will keep you returning possibly for more purchases. Some require you to return on a regular basis to maintain the warranty, and most will become void if you let another jeweler clean, repair, or alter the diamond.

Thompson Jewelers was founded in Florida in 1948 and has been a family-owned fine jeweler since that time. They would be happy to discuss diamonds of the highest quality with you and help you make a hand-selected choice that will happily satisfy you and the recipient. They bypass a middle man so can also offer you a fantastic price.

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