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Classic engagement rings are an enduring style of wedding jewelry that can work for many different brides. What makes them timeless? These rings take traditional elements and update them in a few key ways. When choosing a band, look for one that creates a classic silhouette with quality metal and an excellent central stone.


One of the defining features of a classic engagement ring is a streamlined silhouette. These tend to include a sleek band of even diameter. The band does not distract. Instead, it naturally draws the eye toward a dramatic central stone.


Diamonds have been the gem of choice for classic engagement rings for over a century. Meanwhile, the band itself is traditionally a quality precious metal. Yellow and white gold are the most classic choices, with platinum sometimes seen as an alternative. However, quality matters more than traditionalism here. Trendy rose gold, as long as it's at least 18k, is also being used to beautiful effect.

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Classic style rings do not have geometric inlays or dramatic halos to distract the eye from the diamond. That makes the central stone extremely important. You'll want a gem with a high grade of clarity here as imperfections may be obvious. Smaller diamonds can make a big impact thanks to the sleek silhouette. For the most traditional effect, stick to round cut white diamonds. If that doesn't fit your personal style, take a look at princess and emerald cuts. These elevate classic rings with a modern sensibility.

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