Your engagement is one of the most special and promising times of your life. The ring that marks this occasion should be a beautiful token of the love you share with your partner. Thompsons Jewelers has the most gorgeous round cut, princess cut, pear cut, emerald cut, and oval cut diamond rings imaginable for celebrating your most precious moments. Whether you choose a pave solitaire or halo style in white or yellow gold, you’ll be forever delighted by this expression of love and commitment.

Lab Diamond Engagement rings

All real diamonds are pure and enduing gems because they share the same chemical and atomic structure. Today, many people are investing in lab-produced diamonds as an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to earth-mined diamonds. These man-made gems are identical to natural diamonds, but they owe their fiery sparkle and flawless (F) or internally flawless (IF) grade to human innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Lab grown diamonds are ethically created in a way that is much less resource-intensive and environmentally damaging than conventional mining. Diamond mining is known to be environmentally damaging, inhumane, and dangerous to workers. Mining erodes the soil and pollutes the earth with toxins that damage health and contribute to climate change. It destroys trees and plants and displaces animals from their habitats. Some diamond producers are known to engage in unethical practices like exploiting child laborers and sourcing diamonds from known conflict regions. Many miners are forced to work illegally in dangerous, unsanitary conditions. By comparison, producing lab diamonds is much more compassionate, so you can enjoy the beauty and symbolism of diamonds with a clear conscience.

When you're ready to express your enduring love, Thompsons Jewelers will help you propose in style. Perhaps you will choose a pave solitaire engagement ring with a center diamond that is enhanced by a glittering diamond-set band. You might also choose a halo setting that surrounds the central stone with several smaller, sparkling diamonds. To inspire your selection, we’ve curated twelve lab grown diamond rings that will impress your beloved with a sparkle, size, and clarity that make these high-tech gems even better than earth-mined diamonds.